While the physical body can greatly benefit from a balancing, healing sessions for animals are intended to serve as a complimentary practice to veterinarian care and not a substitute for it.
How does a session work?
During an Accunect balancing session the practitioner uses muscle checking to observe areas of stress and imbalance. These areas are highlighted using Accunect non-invasive techniques and the body’s internal awareness and focus are redirected to those areas. The natural healing response, balance and correct functioning are re-established.

Your Unique Story
The Accunect practitioner finds your unique healing story using the Accunect Health Map. The health map brings awareness to the practitioner of the priority of what needs to be balanced at the highest level for mind, body and spirit. Then balancing can take place.

The practitioner locates the primary focus of treatment or balancing by using a simple technique called muscle checking. The practitioner develops a unique formula for balancing each client.


The areas that have been identified through the locating procedure are focused on using light touch so the body’s own awareness can focus on those areas. The head is tapped lightly to stimulate the brain and the nervous system bringing awareness. The heart is tapped to help store the changes in the body through the Chinese Meridian system and heart complex.


The above-mentioned process takes the body into healing mode rather than stress mode. When the body is in healing mode its resources such as food, blood supply and oxygen are sent to the area of the body required for optimal functioning and regeneration of cells. Healing takes place on all levels; mind, body and spirit.

Animal sessions

The same healing modalities that are used for people can equally be used to address the health of an animal on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional, behavioural, energetic and spiritual. Animals come with specific genetic characteristics, anatomical, physiological and emotional make-up, a distinct set of life experiences and a unique role within the family.

All of these factors will influence the overall health and balance of an animal. Balancing will enable the body to redirect focus of resources such as blood supply, oxygen, nutrients and nerve supply to the areas where they are needed. This enables the body to return to health.

Animals seem to have a strong innate desire to be well. Therefore healing sessions for animals tend to be fast, simple and hugely effective. Keep in mind, however, that every animal responds uniquely and the session will be unique to the animal and its owner. Each animal must be respected for his or her own nature.
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