My passion is to help others heal themselves.

My aim is to devote myself full time to sharing the way to health.
After school I started my professional career in Forestry after reading the BSc. in Forestry degree. Many years later I left the government service and joined a private forestry company. Ending my career in Forestry gave me the opportunity to practice management in the wireless and satellite industry.

I was introduced to BodyTalk in 2009 and the concept that the body has an innate ability to heal itself made sense. This was the start of my journey to becoming a Natural Health Practitioner. I qualified as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2010. I have subsequently completed most of the Advanced BodyTalk Modules.

Feeling there was more to learn and discover I have continued my studies of natural health modalities to add to my “toolbox” of healing modalities to offer the client the most effective and complete healing experience.
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